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How close do you

want to come to the questions

that occupy your mind?

As deep as the center of the universe?

Do you see the I Am in the middle

of the mind of Yahweh?

Perhaps to find we are His


Like a single crimson flower

on a canvass of many other beautiful things.

You and I are a beautiful collage in our Majesty’s thought!

How far away was the begining of everything?

Just think!

Do you want to identify

with creation,

to all life, to everything?

We are all in the picture…witnessing

from every possible view point;  the

Conscienceness of God.

Are any of us good enough to receive?

The answer is…


God is the author and creator

of all things!

Imagine that!


Silent Ramblings

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Don’t be fooled!
Listening is a ministry…it ought to be
some sort of sacrifice.

There is a small amount of poetry
In the ramblings of other’s privatries.

Situational beings, filled with sugar cubes
and rain drops. It’s an unsure thing to risk your ear
to listening; first, then to stop, while they continue
rambling,- sister, friend, person at the tire shop.

Your words could be more surreal than the stars. Maybe,
you would be more inspiring after I’ve had a strong cup of coffee.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

“You go on ahead now !”

“I’m listening!”

By: Delores M. Sparks

Jump To

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A baby birthed into light.

Jump to…

A young child learning to walk upright.

Jump to…

A young mother and busy wife.

Jump to…

An old woman reflecting on her greatest achievements of her

wrongs and rights.

Jump to…

whomever matters most.

Jump to creating happiness in the paths of other folk.

What began as a spark long ago…

Is given back with some

eternal hope.

Jump to…

giving back all you thought you ever needed.

Be thankful for life’s simplest things!

Smell the the roses, climb a summet,

kiss a new born babe on the cheeks.

Jump to it… no matter what

you jump to…


Written by

Delores M. Sparks


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We all walk with canes,

different kinds of canes; strange, so strange

billions in pain. Nothing is more

unsettling then standing alone

in pain!

Every face a reminder

of chance and survival, but

nothing is as perfect as faith in

an eternal God thy father who gives

us strength to keep us walking forward

toward our roads of…tomorrow.

Delores M. Sparks

War Face

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People are wars;

fought not on  foreign

worlds…but within the frame work

of their own desolated

bodies. Walking poster boards,

testifying of each campaign which

led them through their

choices;  A beautiful landscape, scarred!

A mental guard blown to bits in the random  mind

fields of daily living.   However, oddly

wars are venerated as nothing less

then victories. We are left to breathe

in and out, until the next situational bombardment.

Remain  in charge, and be ready to  use your

war  face.


Written by:  Delores M. Sparks.






“A Defamation of Gravity”

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O’ how you lie there, looking like

an all-powerful haze;  holding us

to this dusty ground. However, I

entreat you a liar!  As I defeated you

yesterday, when I felt the bouncing

of the clouds under my feet… cutting through

the sky at two hundred miles an hour.

I stood up and looked down upon your weakness,

and the deliberate hold on the tiny fearful

one’s below. I defame that law and praise my

God!   He lets you imagine ( Haze) you’ve the power

to keep life from advancing to the stars. God

calls us all up higher anyway… so let us go,

to overcome those physical holds upon this


little round globe.

Written By: Delores M. Sparks



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A genius stays hidden;  then

anonymously resurfaces to inspect

the soul nature of  existence

and eternity. Saintly he wanders

then waves his  hand high above a marsh

floor. His strong hand cast a  brilliant

shadow and a sea of fiddler crab flee. An enormous

connection is released with this wave of supreme

superiority. The little things know, even

the worm bow low and a genius goes back

into obscurity.

Written by: Delores M. Sparks